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4a Birmingham Road
Mount Evelyn 3796
Open Mon-Fri 10am to 5.30pm
Other times by appointment

mobile/tablet repairs

Screen Replacement
Button Replacement
Cover Replacement
Chargeport Replacement
Battery Replacement
Mainboard Replacement
Parts for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, HTC, Nokia and Motorola. 

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computer repairs

Complete diagnostic tests & resolution
Preventative maintenance
Power supply repairs
Cooling fans replaced
Graphic card problems
Intermittent problems
Boot problems
Missing system files
Software debugging
Internet & email problems

Laptop Repairs

Power supply problems
Operating System crashes
Broken or cracked screens
Faulty or intermittent screens
Dropped laptops
Faulty keyboard or mouse pad
Missing recovery DVDs or partitions
Overheating issues
Software debugging
Internet & email problems

Virus/Malware Removal

Virus detection, removal & prevention
Spyware detection & removal
Malware detection & removal
PUP Toolbars, Addons & Plugins removed
Rogue software removal

Computer Upgrades

Performance upgrades
Registry defrag & clean up
Mainboard upgrades
CPU upgrades
RAM upgrades
Hard drive upgrades
Operating system upgrades

SSD Drive upgrades

Laptop SSD upgrade
Desktop SSD upgrade
Server SSD upgrade
SAN/NAS SSD upgrade
USB SSD upgrade
NVR/DVR SSD upgrade

Software Assistance

Alternative OS - ArcaOS
iOS, OSX upgrades
Windows upgrades
Windows downgrades
Linux upgrades
OS/2 updates
Application Upgrades

Laptop Upgrades

Speed upgrades
Registry speed & clean up
Mainboard upgrades
CPU upgrades
RAM upgrades
Hard drive upgrades
Operating system upgrades

IT Department for HirE

Long/Short Term IT Dept. hire
Network Monitoring
System Admin (Win/Linux/Server/OS/2)
Internet Service Admin
Hosting Services (Web/DNS/Mail/SQLDB)
App/Site Development (Web/Win/Linux/OS2/Android/IOS/OSX)
Employee Support (Remote/Phone)
VoIP Services, vPABX Exchanges
Network Video Monitoring (NVR/DVR)
Network Traffic Controllers
Network design and construction

File and data recovery

Laptop/Desktop Disk
SAN/NAS Server
External SATA/SAS/IDE Disk
RAID Array Disk
Internal SATA/SAS/IDE Disk
USB Disk/Drive

Arca Noae Arca OS

ArcaOS is…
…Arca Noae’s new OS/2-based operating system
…based on IBM’s last release of OS/2 Warp 4, MCP2
…fully supported by Arca Noae’s team of engineers and developers
…an upgrade path for customers currently using OS/2 or eComStation 

ArcaOS runs…
…OS/2 applications (32-bit and 16-bit)
…16-bit Windows applications
…DOS applications
…ported Linux applications
…select 32-bit Windows applications
…Java applications
…Qt applications
…REXX applications
…much more…

As of April 2019 Across Technology is offering the latest version of the IBM OS/2 operating system Arca OS. This was brought about through changes in the current offerings of the major players in the OS market. We do not agree with these changes and needed to have an alternative to give our customers a choice.
If your business still has old 16 and 32 bit programs from the early Windows days then this operating system will run them as they were intended.
Call us to view a demo of Arca OS keeping in mind the transition will be easier than you think.